LIZWORLD is available for both PCs and smartphones. In this videogame you have to save the Lizword planet inhabitants from their enemies, the Sauratons Scary. Try to survive their attacks and destroy enemy spaceships by choosing the correct angle for your laser weapon.

The game is powered by Viteco for the project “Math Fort”, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The entire project and its serious games aim at stimulating students’ curiosity towards Maths thanks to the development of 30 interactive games to be played by students both in classes with teachers and at home, as exercises. In this way, students, who acquire new skills while solving complex mathematical problems, learn also how easily Maths can be applied to daily life.

Thanks to games like LIZWORLD, students can acquire new competences and learn easy.

 HTML5 Full Responsive
Devices: WEB – Mobile

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